We Have Been Doing Very Well Lately

We didn’t post anything here in the last few months since we were very busy and working hard to improve our main product Kylin Bot. As a result, we had a very successful day on Mar 20. Many members had secured more than 3 digits of the Yeezy 350 sneakers from Foolocker AU/EU/US drops. Our footsites module is doing very well and doesn’t reply on any bypass to get there.

Many thanks to our hard working developers.
And thank you for holding us together, we wouldn’t have done it without you.

The Kylin Bot Team, following us @KylinBot

Merry Christmas

Today is the time for family. Hope you have a great day.

Here are changes since the last post.

Kylin One Click

  • Profile Converter
    • Adept AIO
    • AIOMoji
    • BalkoBot
    • BNB
    • Dashe
    • Dragon
    • EasyCop Bot
    • F3ather
    • Ganesh
    • Kage AIO
    • Nebula
    • Polaris
    • Rattenfanger
    • ReAIO
    • RushAIO
    • Sole Terminator
    • Sypion
    • Torpedo
    • The Shit Bot
    • Velox

Kylin Bot

  • New sites
    • Footlocker EU
    • Footlocker Asia
    • Adidas Asia

We’re working hard and will bring more features in the near future. The version 2.0 is very close now

Stay tuned.


We have make a lot of progress lately and brought a lot of new features to Kylin One Click and Kylin Bot.

Here are some of them you might want to know.

Kylin One Click

  • Profile Converter
    • ANB AIO
    • Cybersole
    • Nike Shoe Bot
    • Kodai
    • Mekpreme
    • Prism AIO
    • Wrath
  • Profile Editor
  • Profile Templating(JIG)

Kylin Bot

  • New sites
    • Footlocker US
    • Easy Bay
    • Champs Sports
    • Footaction
    • Snipes USA
    • Shoe Palace
  • Fixed sites
    • Finish Line
    • JD Sports US
  • Profile Templating(JIG)
  • Cookie Harvester
  • Store Monitor

We’re very busy and working on a lot new features for our both products.

What’s coming next?
New UI, Dark theme, Cloud Cookies?

Following us @KylinBot


We have many new features available for current version compares to last public beta version.
* We have pure request based mode for Yeezy Supply now.
* We have pure request based mode for Supreme US/EU/JP now.
* We have cookie harvester for precooking cookies for Yeezy Supply to secure you success.

We were pretty busy lately and still busy in implementing a lot of new features and fixing bugs.


We have working on this feature for a month. We have massive internal changes to enable it for yeezy supply. This feature is available to some of our beta users initially. Congratulations to them who got a chance to test the auto checkout mode. Don’t forget to report any issue if something unexpected happens.

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